We are part of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies. We offer a wide range of Japanese language courses:

  • Core language courses from the first to the third year levels.
  • Complementing courses in translation and grammar.
  • Advanced reading courses beyond the third year level.

Language courses are an integral part of the Japanese major, Japanese minor, Asian Studies major, Five-Year BA/MA program in East Asian Cultural Studies as well as MA program in Asian Studies. Please refer to the homepage of the Department of East Asian Languages and cultural Studies for information on these programs. Japanese language courses at UCSB enjoy students from a variety of other majors who are eager to learn Japanese. We welcome everyone who is interested in Japanese language and culture.

The goal of our program is to provide a solid foundation of Japanese language skills, learning resources, cultural workings in communication which enable students to continue using and enjoying the language even after leaving school. We hope that their experience in Japanese language deepens students' cultural understanding, expanding and enriching their personal lives.

Coordinator: Hiroko Sugawara
Lecturer in Japanese
Department address: 4001 Humanities and Social Sciences Building
Santa Barbara, CA 93106