PLACEMENT TEST for Spring '19

Monday, April 1, 2:30 pm @HSSB4080 (We can accomodate up to 20 students.)(Already Full.)
*Those who have signed up before March 18 will recieve a confirmation email in the last week of March.

If you are planning on taking the 1st year Japanese courses (Japan 1, 2, and 3) in summer '19, please come back for the information on the placement test in May.

For more information on the placement test for Fall ' 19, please come back in the late Asugust.

If you have studied Japanese previously or speak it at home, you MUST take the placement exam to take Japanese language courses at UCSB.
The placement test consists of 1) conjugations (verbs, adjectives), 2)interview, 3)kanji, 4)Reading comprehension. It takes about an hour, depending on your level of Japanese.

*Placement test is not to replace a course you could not complete/pass. If you have taken a Japanese course at UCSB and earned a C- or below, you must retake it and complete it with a C or higher grade in order to take the next level.

<How to prepare for the Placement Exam>
Review the materials (textbooks) of the course(s) you have taken before. It is a good idea to review verb and adjective conjugations as well as vocabulary and kanji. Please refer to the course descriptions (PDF) for more information on the each level of our Japanese courses. If you have a certain course you wish to start, look at the course description of the course prior to it. That is what you are expected to be able to do.